Z3D.jp Membership Information

Z3D.jp is seeking active members who want to inspire others to create 3D designs and products. As such, we are always looking for new members, and offer the following benefits…

  1. 5% discount on all products and services. It doesn't matter what you purchase, become a member and enjoy an immediate discount across all products, even 3D printers.
  2. 100 yen coupons for product reviews. Write a review on any purchased product and receive a coupon for 100 yen.
  3. Member only newsletters. Members receive early information on sale items, events, and new products.
  4. Create Designs. Members automatically have access to the Z3D Laboratory, and can create 3D designs without any additional software.
  5. Contribute your knowledge on-line. Members automatically become part of the on-line team that review software, answer questions, write documentation, provide training, etc.
  6. And more to come!!! We have a lot more ideas and through membership anything is possible!

So, sign up now by creating a New Account at Z3D.jp, and purchasing Membership.