About Z3d.jp

Z3D.jp was created in order to inspire others to step into the future with 3D designs and 3D printers. We believe that the future will be changed by individuals like you by seeing your designs become reality through 3D printing.

Z3D.jp is owned and operated by Z3 Co. Ltd. (KK) in Japan. We are a small, energetic, and driven company focused on 3D technology, products, and services. Our services include this website, the fulfillment of designs through our 3D printing services, and the reselling of 3D printers to individuals like you.

Z3D.jp is committed to offering the best value and the best service for our customers. This includes more than our products and services, with a strong focus on providing on-line documentation for our customers, as well as allowing members to maintain an ever expanding base of knowledge.

Meet Our People

Founder and President

Welcome to Z3D.jp!

I've been involved in 3D printing for over 3 years now, and find 3D design and 3D production fascinating as well as challenging. This is a very exciting industry, which is full of awesome innovations, new products, and creative people.

There's nothing better! I hope we can assist you in the future.


  • Founder and creator of Z3D.jp
  • Senior software developer and manager at Morgan Stanley
  • Software developer and manager for Rogue Wave Software