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Z3D.jp believes that designs are born from creative thought, and serve two purposes; first to create something, and second to think about the next design. Once started, the creative process never stops. Also, Z3D.jp believes that designs involve choices, and allowing others to make choices should be part of every design.

We believe that designs must be usable, configurable, and specific to personal tastes and situations. A design that has one color, one dimension, one shape is only useful to that one person to resolve one situation using one set of choices. Awesome, flexible designs are those that present a variety of choices, and let people choose.

All designs on the Z3D.jp Laboratory are such. Each design has a variety of choices which lead to any number of possibilities. Try a few. And hopefully, you too will be inspired to make the next design.

The Z3D.jp Laboratory provides services to create, store, and change designs. Please try the Z3D.jp Laboratory, browse designs, and enjoy creating new designs.

About the Designs

The designs found on the Z3D.jp Laboratory were created by others for others. There are no warranties or guarantees. Any assistance or questions should be discussed with the original designer.

If you find a design useful then great! Please use the design as per the license granted by the original designer.

If you modify a design and want to share the changes with others, then do so as per the license granted by the original designer.

Z3D.jp Laboratory provides a service to create and share designs, only. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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