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List of Designs

Name Author License
Coffee Grinder Spout JAG and Nick Gianniotis cc-by-sa
Lens Cap Buckle JAG cc-by-sa
Example 004 mit
Example 005 mit
Example 006 Z3D Development cc-by
Oogoo Ball Mould Z3D Development cc-by-sa
Two Eyed Minion ggangemi cc-by-sa
Example 001 mit
Example 002 mit
Example 003 mit
Dice Andreas Banholzer mit
Minion Goggles JAG cc-by-sa
Leapfrog Creatr Top Bracket JAG cc-by
Drippy Spoon Dan Risacher cc-by
Fan duct for Rapman 3.1 joostn cc-by
Oasis Compote Round JAG cc-by
Double Twisted Vase TBD cc-by-sa
Spline Drive Adapter Nick Gianniotis cc-by-sa Logo Rene K. Mueller cc-by
Gear Vase H Langemark cc-by-sa
Fin Vase 04 H Langemark cc-by-sa
Oasis Compote JAG cc-by
Ribbon Vase H Langemark cc-by-sa Logo Z3 Development cc-by-sa
Curtain Rod Mount JAG cc-by-sa
Color Chooser Z3D Development cc-by-sa
Leapfrog Fan Duct JAG cc-by-sa
Marvin 3DHubs cc-by-nc-sa
Editor Z3D Development cc-by-sa
Curtain Rod Holders JAG cc-by
Youkai Medal JAG cc-by-sa