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Minion Goggles

Minion Goggles


Last Update: 2019/04/24 11:48:02

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Minions are different, and so are we. So, here's how to become a minion with just the right look, as well as fit.

The default settings are for a normal adult face, and can be used by most people. Follow the below instructions for a custom fit.

First, measure the distance between the eye pupils. Be sure the person is looking away while measuring. Then, measure the distance across the cheek bones. These help determine the size of the glasses. Finally, measure the flat area of the forehead. This determines the roundness of the head, and helps to fit the glasses properly to the face.

Second, measure the size of the nose, both height and width (across the nostrils). And then guess the angle of the nose, starting at the apex of the bridge to the tip of the nose. Finally, measure the offset of nose from the center of the pupils, moving the starting point (sellion) up or down depending on the position of the nose. Hint: Children don't have a large nose bridge, so the starting point should be lowered by 5 mm or more.

Third, purchase some nice elastic band for the strap, and measure the width as well as the thickness of the strap. Hint: Wide straps provide a more comfortable fit.

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